Fully Loaded Deliveries

The Beginning

Fully Loaded Deliveries started with a vision; To be THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Chris purchased a truck and with the help of one employee, we started making the BEST 1st IMPRESSIONS. From dress code, cleanliness of trucks, work ethic, and customer service. We hit the mark on all aspects of what was expected and also providing continuous / everyday over the top services. Fully Loaded Deliveries was taking off. Stores in the Valley lead to Designers and Designers introduced us to Architects, Builders and a wonderful list of clients. This list of clients are still clients today 17 yrs. later. We pride ourselves with customer service. Top Notch work in the field and in our offices to ensure we are best prepared for every project. Our Teams at Fully Loaded Deliveries have become the best in the industry. We look forward to working with you.

Founder – Chris Berg

Born and raised in a small town in MN. Graduated High School. Off to college to play football. Finished college and started working for GAP. Quickly moved up the ladder within the company and soon found myself traveling and doing New Store set ups for company across the Midwest. At Gap I Learned a lot about managing, delegating, importance of preparation, and hard work. Stayed with Gap for 11 yrs. and finally stepped away to put my hard work into something for me. Well, not just me. I married my high school sweetheart Brooke. Few months after we married. We wanted to bigger and better. Moved to AZ. Had our first child Stella in 2005 and second child Hank in 2009. I am so thankful to have a supporting and loving wife and blessed to have two of the most wonderful children on the planet. Today, I understand the importance of being a part of your business. I am very involved in my business every day. I also understand the balance that is needed. I am very fortunate to be very involved in my family life as well.