Proprietary Inventory Logistics and Moving Services

Technology for a Seamless Moving Experience: FLD’s Digital Advantage

When you think about what separates the best moving, logistics and warehouse companies from all the rest, the most visible aspects probably come to mind first. After all, the movers’ promptness, professionalism and care are easy to see. 

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that impacts whether your experience is smooth and successful – or not. Here’s a look at how technology, in particular our proprietary database, contributes to the successful outcomes our customers have come to expect from FLD.

FLD’s In-House Logistics Database

At the origin of Fully Loaded Deliveries, we knew we wanted a back-end system that would fulfill all of our needs at once. The only problem was, there wasn’t anything like that available in the market. 

Not waiting for technology to catch up to our needs we built our own logistics database that has been serving as an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) system, inventory management system and project management system. Through continued optimizations it’s made our operations seamless behind the scenes, and ensured that our interior designer clients and those they work with enjoy a rewarding and repeatable experience every time! 

Moving Inventory Management Tips: Two Things Every Database Needs


Documentation & Communication to Track What’s Important

Having a database like ours means that we’re able to document every aspect of a project. We use our tech to capture special requests and even to log pictures and each step of the process. When our team is onsite, they’re well-prepared and ready for the specific work at hand. 

Additionally, clients often want our team to take down a given area of a home and then reassemble it in the new location exactly as it was before. Since we work off blueprints in the field, and have photos within our database to accompany every area, we can position items precisely where they’re supposed to go and keep things moving smoothly in the field.  


Preventing Problems for Designers

The photos we take and store in our logistics database also play a key role in protecting the reputations and work of our interior designer customers. 

For example, let’s say we received an upholstered chair for a client in khaki, which is the wrong color. Since we’ll have a picture of it to share, the designer can see the color is off three months prior to when it’s supposed to be delivered to their customer. 

This gives them ample time to reorder it in the correct color and get it right. If it had gotten to their customer in the wrong color, that individual likely would’ve blamed the designer. With the help of our team and our database, they can instead identify the problem early and fix it before it goes that far. 


Communicating Issues for Faster Solutions

Another one of our inventory management tips as a moving, logistics and warehouse company is to use our internal system to communicate about damages. We circle and identify any damages we discover so that the interior designer doesn’t have to take on the extra responsibility of coming in and taking photos, then transferring them to a vendor or the repair company. 

When it comes to working with a provider who takes care of all the big and little moving details, you need someone who has their own logistics database to fully experience the peace-of-mind that comes standard with every FLD customer experience. 

At FLD, we pride ourselves on our in-house database that helps us document every part of the moving process, communicate with key stakeholders and keep everything moving seamlessly. 

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