How Our Investment Into Our Team Members Benefits Our Clients

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re on the hunt for the best logistics companies. But did you know that many of the important ones start with how much a company is willing to invest into its team? Here’s why excellence in work and customer service quality often start with valuing employees.

Going Above & Beyond With Employee Training

Many people think of employee training as something mandatory, offered essentially for the company’s own benefit. But while it is important to the business’ brand and reputation that team members are well-trained, it’s also a benefit to the employees themselves.

If you think about it, there’s nothing more frustrating than starting a job and not having the right training or tools to succeed. A lack of proper training in the logistics field in particular can also lead to injuries and poor performance, which often then causes attrition, whether it’s an employee leaving or being let go.

So, as you vet potential partners in the moving, warehouse and delivery industry, make sure to inquire about how they train their team members. It will give you a big window into how much they invest into valuing their employees, their work product and their customer service.

For example, at FLD, we’re all-in on equipping our team to succeed. We try to find people who have a background in the industry to begin with, but then we take them through in-depth training that’s FLD-specific. They spend a couple days in the warehouse, watching our processes and crew in action. Then, they proceed to in-field training, where they’re partnered with designated trainers who walk them through the jobs at hand.

We also offer what we call Warehouse Training Day. It’s not enough to show someone something once and expect them to understand; we give our team hands-on experience and the opportunity to fail when the stakes are low. During Warehouse Training Day, they practice wrapping fragile items (which we’ve purchased and are not customers’ items), moving chairs, packing dishes and so forth.

We know they could pick up a coffee table on their own, but that’s not what we want them to do. They need to work with a second person to pick it up, protecting themselves from injury and ensuring the furniture is moved without incident. This direct interaction with real items in a safe space really gives them a head start in knowing how to do things right and up to our standard.

Prioritizing Camaraderie

In addition to making sure our crew feels comfortable and confident completing jobs with the utmost care and attention, we also love to let them know how much they’re valued. To that end, we host a couple of events each year, giving the people in our company time to get to know one another and form relationships. This helps us keep a strong sense of camaraderie internally, which not only benefits each one of us, but also extends to the positive dynamics our team brings to each jobsite. We’re also currently working on rolling out an incentive program for our employees, to reward them for their hard work and contributions to our company.

Ready to work with one of the best logistics companies, who knows the importance of training and valuing employees, and offering top customer service quality? We’re eager to work with you!