Does Your Delivery, Moving & Warehouse Provider Use This Valuable Trait In Your Work Together?

When interior designers are vetting luxury home movers for their clients, they probably think through some standard criteria. Does the moving company provide the exact, end-to-end services needed? Are they reputable? Do they have great reviews?


While these are all important factors to consider, have you ever thought about the need for creativity? The reality is that working with a company that goes above and beyond to offer creative logistics solutions can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Here’s why this trait is so valuable, and how we provide it to our customers.

Creativity In Moving Day Logistics


For many delivery, moving and warehouse companies, moving day is the first day the crew sets eyes on the space and the items they’ll be transporting. As such, they might show up with the wrong truck or the wrong packing materials. You might ask them for a special request and they might say it’s impossible.


With Fully Loaded Deliveries, this is not the case. We always gather information upfront so we can familiarize ourselves with the property and the items. Then, we think through all the nuances of the equipment we’ll use and the vehicles and team we’ll send. Sometimes, we have to get creative–and we’re all for it.


For example, what if the property has a curving driveway with limited space? We’ll go the extra mile and use a smaller 16’ truck so we can have better accessibility and won’t cause damage. Others will send a standard truck and just try to force-fit their solution, versus being flexible to your needs and how that delivers a better customer experience. 

Creativity In Executing Details


If you’ve worked with another delivery, moving and warehouse company before, odds are good you’ve been told that something on your wishlist is impossible. When you work with us? No matter the ask, we’ll work incredibly hard to deliver a “yes.”


For example, we’ve had customers who wanted canoes to be hung on their walls. We made it happen. We’re also art and picture hanging specialists, meticulous about transporting and mounting the most precious items to be on display.


We’ve been asked to move heavy, custom furniture into a high-rise, the logistics of which seemed impossible for companies using standard ways (e.g. trying to take it up the elevator). But, we got creative. We used a crane and coordinated with the construction team to get the furniture in before the walls were built, leading to a friction-free process that didn’t result in any damage.

Creativity In Team Assignments


While we’ve worked hard to create and fill specific roles and workflows in our company, we also have realized how important it is to be flexible across projects.


One example of this has come with auto transportation. We’ve noticed a trend with such companies dropping the ball recently, so we raised our hands and drove our customers’ vehicles across state lines to their final destination. This isn’t part of our core business, but we saw a need and got creative to save the customer time and money.


Our team leads are also creative, in that they can work off of blueprints. So, instead of having to send five people to a site, they might only send one. After that, they may just FaceTime with the customer, sparing them the purchase of flights and all the associated costs. We’ll never cut corners, while we’ll always look for ways to be creative and maximize efficiency.


When it comes to finding luxury home movers, creative logistics solutions matter. At Fully Loaded Deliveries, this is what we do. Give us a call today!